THE ASSOCIATION - 'Blistered' (London HA-T 8305) 1966

Los Angeles harmony pop band The Association won't be the first band to name drop to a garage rock collector. But their harmony pop approach certainly is a sound that I dig. The Association may not be freak rock but they're essential listening just the same. A collection of their early 45s and obscure album tracks made a welcome addition to my collection a few years ago in the form of Rhino's Anthology CD set. Seek and you shall find my friends.

Their first album 'And Along Comes Mary' was released in July 1966. The material was produced by pop psych mastermind Curt Boettcher and engineered and recorded by Gary Paxton at his Homewood Studios in Hollywood. The vocals were laid down at Columbia Recording Studios.

Gary Paxton produced my all time favourite garage psych band The Avengers. Check out my interviews with Avengers band members in the links where they speak highly of Gary Paxton's skill and enterprise in the studio.
All of the material on The Association album was laid down by premier L.A. session musicians, including Mike Deasy who released records in his own right as The Flower Pot and Friar Tuck and His Psychedelic Guitar. Other players happened to be Lee Mallory, Butch Parker, Jerry Scheff and Jim Troxel.
Association member Jules Alexander was on the basic tracks as well, but other group members were only used to contribute overdubs.

A song from the album 'Blistered' is featured on my blog. It's an uptempo rocker with harmonica and was hidden on side 1 of the LP and is represented here because it never features on any Association collections. It wasn't written by any band member but credited to E.Wheeler. I've mastered the song direct from my mono copy of 'And Then - Along Comes' on London (the UK release)
It was not included on the 1992 Rhino 2 CD set titled 'Just The Right Sound' or the 80s set released by Edsel Records titled 'Golden Heebie Jeebies'....



  1. I think that the Association were the finest harmony group ever. The Rhino anthology was good, but left off too many great tracks. "Blistered" was written by Billy Ed Wheeler who is best known for writing the much recorded "High Flying Bird"


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