SOLE SOCIETY - 'Wait For You' / 'Hard Road' (Trump Records 373) 1969

Sole Society were an obscure outfit from Louisville or at least that's what the seller told me when I bought this rare 45 off him. It also came with a hand written note from band leader David Wood's Uncle.
The note was addressed to Allan Ramsey who was an original member of Gary Lewis and the Playboys. Anyway, the message goes on to ask Allan Ramsey for his thoughts on the 45 and the Uncle also mentions that his nephew David Wood (who wrote 'Wait For You') was disappointed with the production the studio did on it especially his vocals that are buried in the mix.

Oh well, 'Wait For You' sounds OK to me. It starts off ripping 'Soul Kitchen' by The Doors then goes off on a psych rock tangent with a very cool fuzzy guitar break.
The flip is 'Hard Road'. This is a cover of Deep Purple's progressive instrumental titled 'Wring That Neck' and is on their 'The Book Of Taliesyn' album from 1968. Only the track was called 'Hard Road' on the American release.

Both sides are uncompiled.


  1. Hi there, nice blog, could you re-post the audio for this? Or do you have the mp3? it sounds right up my alley

    1. Give me a couple of days.... "Wait For You" will be first.

    2. Great! Thanks for responding

  2. the 45 is from January 1970. Check out the Trmp label discog I did a few years ago on my Max Myndblown facebook "blog".


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