THE SCENE - Scenes (From Another World)

THE SCENE - 'Scenes (From Another World)' / 'You're In A Bad Way' (B.T. Puppy Records 533) 1969

'Scenes (From Another World)' was compiled years ago on a vinyl only compilation called Psychedelia - Volume 4. The liners indicated an American or perhaps even an Australian band.
It turns out that The Scene were from Montreal, Canada. They sadly only released this one 45 then were gone.
'Scenes' is a catchy slice of psychedelia with soaring harmonies and brass and sounds more like a throwback from the Summer of '67. It also later turned up on the comp Fading Yellow - Volume 6.

The flip 'You're In A Bad Way' is a more laid back hippie trip and I gave it an appearance on Gear! Volume 2.

other info:

The Scene line-up:

Truly Noland
Michael Ship
Marty Simon
Danny Zimmerman

B.T. Puppy Records was a label formed by members of The Tokens and is a take off on RCA's label with Nipper the dog. B.T. Puppy Records had some big hits with harmony band The Happenings in the late 60s.

The Engineer on both Scene songs was Wally Sheffey. He also engineered James Taylor's 'Original Flying Machine' LP and The Fifth Estate records.



  1. Hi Expo,

    it would be great to get a d/l for the Scene... any chance?

    thanks a lot and ciao from Milano!

  2. Long time ago but I wrote and produced the Scene record! I'm glad someone enjoys it. Any interest in a deal Email me

    Neil Sheppard


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