THE MONKEES - 'Valleri' (original fuzz version) 1967

This version of 'Valleri' was never officially released in the sixties and only got an airing on the 1990 Rhino CD titled 'The Monkees - Missing Links Volume 2'..

The original fuzz guitar version was included in one of The Monkees TV Shows and was promptly taped by DJs in Chicago and Florida. The 'taped' Valleri was then played on the radio creating a massive demand for the song to be released as a single.

By popular demand 'Valleri' was released as a 45 in March 1968, but it was re-recorded in December 1967 and turned out to be a tamer version with trumpet, sax and trombone instead of the original fuzz laid down by Boyce and Hart.
The fuzz version is way cooler and the one to add to your collection.

THE MONKEES - Valleri (fuzz version)