JERRY JEFF WALKER and LSD - Found Me A Brand New Woman

JERRY JEFF WALKER & LSD - 'Found Me A Brand New Woman'

I'm not sure if this song was released as a 45 or on an album? I've checked various resources and can't find any mention of this folk rock tune anywhere. It was included on a CD called 'Trip To The Psychedelic World' which was a low budget, mostly badly sounding CD compilation on Collectors Choice. Maybe it's a demo and wasn't released at the time.

Jerry Jeff Walker formed his own band Circus Maximus in the mid sixties after spending some time as a folkie in Greenwich Village. They released two psych albums on Vanguard but nothing on those discs are as good as 'Found Me A Brand New Woman'...

Hopefully, someone out there on netsville knows the story about this song. If you do, get in touch...thanks