HICKORY HOLLOW - "Never Happen" / "Home" (Musitron M-107) 1968

I really dig this record label, red on gold always looks smart and I especially have a liking for the wording Musitron - Imagination In Sound...

I don't know anything about the band or where they hailed from. The label was based in Panorama City, California and Hickory Hollow definitely have that West Coast sound so I'm thinking they're from here.

'Never Happen' is the plug side and has got a neat guitar break and an uncluttered production by D. Roy Penna. It has been compiled only once on 'Shadows Falling' a budget CD only comp put out by Past & Present. The uncompiled flip 'Home' has a laid back hippie vibe and this sound reminds of early Moby Grape. All in all, a very competent double sided 45.