Unfortunately, my computer of 6 years has finally breathed it's last....sniff

It has been making weird noises for a few months and has been crashing for no apparent reason since November 2007. It's not because of a virus or anything like that, just old age I suppose and the fact that it's been used every day.

So the good news is that I'll have an excuse to buy a much better, more up to date model.

The bad news is that I did not back-up any of my Cavestones, Gear! or Circles compilation covers and liners. I don't have the heart or energy or infact time to re-design these.

This means that every previous Cavestones, Gear! and Circles comp has been deleted.

When i'm up and running (could be weeks, could be months) I'll start posting on my blog again. I'm also in no position to send or receive emails.....I'm writing this entry from my computer at work.


  1. So sorry to hear of this Expo - I enjoyed your comps. Hope you get it sorted soon.

    Pity about Leeds too.......

    Anyone like to share a copy of Gear Vol 10!?

    Steve (in Oz)

  2. Sorry to hear about your computer, Colin!

    I've been meaning to order your CDs for a long time, but now I guess it's too late...

    Were there any Circles comps made before the PC died, or were these only in the planning stage?


  3. I compiled four volumes of Circles about 6 months ago but never advertised them for sale. Only one fortunate soul asked about them and I sold him all four.

    I've still got a master copy of each volume of course, but all the pop art covers have been lost.

    I'm pleased to say that I saved the templates for Circles on an external hard drive so when I'm up and running again I'll have to consider re-designing them.

    All volumes of Cavestones from 1-14 have been lost (unless I can re do sleeves)

    All Gear! volumes have been lost from 1-8.


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