07. THE TELL TALE HEARTS - 'Circus Mind ' / 'Flying' (Nevermore Records 1810) 1989

San Diego band The Tell Tale Hearts are a well known outfit among 80s garage followers but perhaps this record, limited to 800 copies on Nevermore fell under your radar. 'Circus Mind' was a very obscure Pretty Things single but hidden away on a B-Side.

Here The Tell Tale Hearts deliver their finest ever moment turning a mellow late 60s song into a magical folk rock killer complete with harmonica, a steady Byrdsian rhythm and excellent lead vocals.
The flip 'Flying' a Stax/Swart original is also magical. It's a kind of slow paced musical composition with a pleasant organ break and soft drum work. I wish they never broke up and followed this path more often.

'Circus Mind' was recorded at Hit Single Studio 1989.
'Flying' was recorded in Yucaipo 1989 but not mixed and completed until 1993.


Bill Calhoun (lead vocals, harp)
Mike Stax (bass)
Ron Swart (organ)
Jon Mckinney (rhythm guitar)
Carl Rusk (lead guitar on 'Circus Mind')
Paul Carsola (drums on 'Circus Mind')
Craig Packham (drums on 'Flying')