13. THE STEPFORD HUSBANDS - 'Why Aren't You There?' / 'Yeah!' (Cryptovision Records BR 11-1) 1984

This record just reeks of lo-fi garage punk attitude even down to the disgracefully cheap sleeve. Well, that's if you can call it a sleeve. More like a slip of paper with a black and white image of two Red Indians probably knicked from National Geographic.

At least the music on the disc is bang on the money. 'Why Aren't You There?' is a crude 'Back From The Grave' type punk outing with basic instrumentation and drums that sound like the guy is banging on some cardboard boxes.

The Stepford Husbands on this release were Dave Amels from NYC and Englishman Gary Thomas. Cryptovision label Boss Mike Linn helped out on drums.

'Yeah!' was more or less recorded live in the studio. It's a groovy organ dominated instrumental with a fab guitar solo and sax. Instead of the sax I'd have gone with some fuzz.

Other information: 'Why Aren't You There?' was compiled on 80s garage collection 'Declaration Of Fuzz' and Cryptovision Records also put out 45s by The Mod Fun and The Optic Nerve.


  1. Brilliant band, they had a few other 45's in the 80's (including a cover of The Eye's "I'm Rowed Out") on Dave & Gary's shortlived Cryptvision label (also home of some mod Fun & Optic Nerve releases).

  2. YES - an absoult killer combo!

    does anyone know something about a longyplayer of theses guys?

  3. Yes Their longplayer is for sale on Discogs for £20 and that includes postage about the same on amazon UK


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