05. THE ROADRUNNERS - 'I Believe' EP (Uppers UMD-87102) 1997

I'm not too sure what they put into the water in Sweden but every so often that country unleashes a talented purist garage band as good, if not better than any other. Take Stockholm band The Road Runners for instance. What kinda time capsule did they emerge from? And just look at their complete purist image on the sleeve of their debut single. I love bands that make an effort. Image is very important don't you think?

The single was released as a five song CD with their finest moment 'I Believe' in both stereo and the superior mono mix. All songs are originals, all are written by lead singer Peter Carlsson except 'Come Here Honey' which was written by guitarist Joakim Dimberg.

All songs are worthy of your interest especially 'I Believe' R&B shaker that moves roughshod over the melody of 'Keep On Running'....all of the other tracks are like long lost out-takes from 'Get The Picture' era Pretty Things....

An essential release.


  1. And how can we ever get to hear it if it's so rare?! Come on, give us a hand here...

    It is of course also interesting to note that members of the Roadrunners went on to form the brilliant most-authentic-hairy-stoners-this-side -of-1971 Witchcraft and the folkier Dead Man... talk about progression...

  2. Hey pals !
    Here is the famous song. I think I would post the entire thing soon too on Action-time. ;-)


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