10. THE RAIN PARADE - 'What She's Done To Your Mind' / 'Kaleidoscope' (Llama Records DK 002) 1982

Los Angeles band The Rain Parade were the best psychedelic band on the planet up until the release of 'Explosions In The Glass Palace'. After this scorching mini album the decline set in and the consistency was gone. The album 'Crashing Dream' on Island rarely sparkled.

It's their early work that made them appeal to my senses. It was obvious that they merged Byrdsian & Pink Floyd's lysergic moves with a modern pop twist. They were not just about wearing '66 garage threads and haircuts like so many of the bands that followed.

'What She's Done To Your Mind' is an earlier take. Very much rougher around the edges and including original drummer Michael Murphy. The version on 'Emergency Third Rail Power Trip' is a more polished performance. Either way, it's a tremendous pop jangle tune.

The flip 'Kaleidoscope' is the same version as the album cut. This time around The Rain Parade offer a slow paced acid psycher. I can't imagine any other band in '82 recording this type of sound. Only maybe Plasticland?

They were every bit as good live as on record when I attended their gig in December 1985 at The Riverside Club, Newcastle. It was perhaps my favourite ever gig. They were outstanding and brought along an authentic liquid slide projector that dappled shades, shapes and colours onto the stage.


  1. One of my favorite singles of all time. Discovered it in a record bin in '86....been playing it regularly since then...


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