14. THE OTHERS - 'Can't Tell You Lies' EP (Screaming Apple SCAP 043) 1996

I've wrote about Rome band The Others several times before, check out the archives. They are the best thing to come outta Italy since spag bol. You need this EP if you have a liking for the jangly side of garage.

Four songs of 12 string magic for the listener to feast on. The two originals by leader Massimo del Pozzo are excellent. EP opener 'Can't Tell You Lies' is a delight and the folk punk of 'Today 'n' Tomorrow' is as sweet as a Summer breeze.

The other tracks are covers. 'I've Been Waiting' was originally done by Dutch beat band The Fallouts. It was compiled on an old 80s vinyl LP titled 'Havoc From Holland'. I've not heard the original before but it will be a killer judging by The Others copy.

The other cover is 'In A While' by The Pictorian Skiffuls. This fragile folk rocker has been a firm favourite of mine for years.

Massimo (vocals, 6 & 12 string vox guitars)
Bruno (bass, backing vocals)
Fabrizio (Hofner guitar)
Guiliano (Ludwig drums, tambourine)
additional harpsichord by Emilio.

All songs sung in English. Dig! The Others, they're what's happening.


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