06. THE MISANTHROPES - 'Why Do You Treat Me So Bad?' / 'Waiting For You' / '(I'm Gonna) Waste My Time' (Get Hip Records GH-108) 1988

Place this beast of a 45 on your turntable remembering to set the speed to 33, place the needle on the run-in groove, crank up the volume and prepare for lift off......a bendy guitar opening turns into crude snotty garage punk with attitude.... the singer is full of pissed off fury. He wants to know why his girl 'treats him so bad' and he wants to know NOW or some cheatin' bitch is gonna get slashed. ha ha ha.....
Cue fuzz, hand claps and another cool lead guitar solo and The Misanthropes are done until you turn over the platter for the two song B-side.
'Waiting For You' and '(I'm Gonna) Waste My Time' can't match the opening assault of 'Why Do You Treat Me So Bad' but they sure as hell still hit the part of my brain that says to me 'pick up an axe and do some damage to squares'....

This is the only record The Misanthropes released so like their 60s counterparts they will be remembered as a one record, no hit wonder....

They hailed from Harrisburg, PA by the way.


  1. Ahhh nostalgia. Two of these cats were previously in a very groovy Harrisburg, PA 60's Pretty Things/Dutch beat styled r&b group called the Cool Italians, who sadly never made it into a studio...

  2. "Why Do You Treat Me So Bad?" was a killer track then and is just as crazed when I listen to it now. Truly insane, especially that guitar intro. YEOW!

    - Blair

  3. reminds me a lot of another track, that has the same "yeah" responses. can't remember which one though?


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