16. HOODOO GURUS - 'Like Wow - WipeOut' / 'Bring The Hoodoo Down' (Big Time BTS-1588) 1985

For some strange reason The Hoodoo Gurus didn't get a place in The Knights Of Fuzz book? Can't think why, maybe it was because the Hoodoo's became quite a 'big' band in the late 80s. I suppose I left them behind after the 'Blow Your Cool' LP in 1987.

Anyway, back to this disc from '85. The top side 'Like Wow - WipeOut' is modern day garage rock. Caveman stick work, slashing guitars and pounding bass make this the standout track on the album 'Mars Needs Guitars'..
'Bring The Hoodoo Down' is non LP. This time the production is a bit too 80s for my taste. It's just too clean and 'modern' sounding. It's got a great guitar solo though.

The Hoodoo Gurus played a gig in my home City, Newcastle at The Riverside Club on the 28th November 1985. I've got several photo's from the gig I took. Two are shown below for the first time on the internet. From memory, they put on a great show. Around about the same time period they appeared on a music show from Newcastle called 'The Tube', and for me it was one of the only highlights in the entire run of the programme. They fuckin' killed the audience with their loud guitars and primitive rockin'. I'm sure it will be on YouTube somewhere.

The photo was taken in the afternoon 28/11/85 at the soundcheck. Can't remember how I wangled my way in. Must have sneaked into the venue through the backdoor.
 The shot is of The Hoodoo Gurus live on stage at the Riverside gig, probably during the opening number because Dave Faulkner is still wearing his jacket. He took it off after a few numbers.


  1. Btw, the Hoodoo Gurus are mentioned in 'Knights of Fuzz', in the appendix featuring mainstream bands with 60s leanings, and the recommended LP being 'Mars Needs Guitars'.


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