09. THE EARLY HOURS - 'I'm Drained' / 'Hard Feelings' / 'The Girl I Haven't Met' (Screaming Apple SCAP 40) 1996

'I'm Drained' is easily the best song The Early Hours wrote and probably the only record you need to own by them. Not that the rest of their material is bad it's just average garage pop and unfortunately singer songwriter Kirk Pohl has a weak vocal range, not that this had harmed almost every garage band in the past.

'I'm Drained' is a killer tune made even better by Sean Carthew's lead guitar riffage. The drums work well and the added touch of tambourine make this song way above average.
The two songs on the flip can't match the A-side and are quickly forgotten.

Recorded and mixed by Tom Thorpe at Bonsai Studios, Perth, Western Australia October 1995.


  1. i've bought this one yesterday
    i was quite sure to have seen the picture sleeve on your blog!


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