21. THE CYNICS - 'No Way' / 'Dancin' On The Wall' (Get Hip GH-101) 1987

One of the most famous 80s garage bands to emerge from those forgotten times were The Cynics from Pittsburgh. They had the talent to release scores of 45s and plenty of studio albums so their work should not be that difficult to pick up twenty odd years after their show of hands.

'No Way' recorded in June 1986 but not released until '87 is a garage fuzz punk blast with no let up. The label states 'recorded in anger' and I ain't gonna argue with that assessment. This Kastelic-Kostelich creation will have you tearing up the town knifing every hillbilly in sight. Don't worry though, there will still be enough of those thick pig shit eaters to appear on the Jerry Springer Show.

The flip 'Dancin' On The Wall' is another demented fuzz winner with cool fucked off vocals. The Cynics take no prisoners that's for sure. This track is not on the LP Blue Train Station.