12. THE CHESTERFIELD KINGS - 'Im Going Home' / 'A Dark Corner' (Mirror Records VRP-2062) 1982

This was the Chesterfield King's fourth 45. The previous three are very hard to track down but this one regularly crops up on ebay so there's no excuse for not adding it to your collection.
Both sides are perfect covers of '66 garage punkers, sounding like they were recorded back in those glorious days.

'I'm Going Home' is a Stones inspired rocker with harmonica and snarl. check out the original by The Choir. This tune was on The Chesterfield Kings album 'Here Are The....' Strangely, this album is now out of print and has never been re-issued or digitalized to CD.

'A Dark Corner' is the psychedelic punk obscurity originally done by The Bourbons. The Kings probaby recorded this song around the same time as their album recordings but maybe this track was left off the long player to fill a B-Side.
Easily my most favoured line-up of this Rochester garage band and one of only two bands I ever wrote to back in the 80s. And how about the look of the record label? Purist '66 or what!!!


  1. Any chance of posting the MP3 of this one?

  2. I'm blown away that you've got this gig flyer posted here! This was the first gig I'd ever seen either The Cynics or The Chesterfield Kings live. I believe it was 1987 and I met the guys from The Cool Italians(later to become The Misanthropes)there for the first time who'd road-tripped all the way from Harrisburh, PA to Hoboken, NJ (a good 3 hour drive).

  3. The Chesterfield Kings flier came with a copy of 'Stop!' I bought.


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