24. CHARIOT - What If I Run Out Of My Pills? (Munster MRCD 146) 1998

Here's another rare CD single to make my Top 50 of recommended post 1975 '45s' to add to your collection. This time it's a collaboration of musicians calling themselves Chariot.

They were formed by ex Posies Ken Stringfellow and Brian Young, Javier Escovedo (ex Zeros and True Believers) and Pat Fear from White Flag. Their mission was to play straight ahead rock and roll with a 60s pop slant, also embracing country rock and power pop.

This CD single is worth tracking down because it's almost like a full album coming in at a full 26 minutes. So it's gonna be money well spent if you can find it. It will be difficult though because only 550 were pressed.

What If I Run out of My Pills?
Nos Vemos Por Ahi
Un Poco de Animo

CD bonus Live on The Crayola Blaze Show with interviews and cuts such as the Choir's 'I'd Rather You Leave Me', 'Another Day Passes By', 'Black Is Black' and 'Un Angel Del Fuego'

CHARIOT performing "Peace Of Mind", originally recorded by Count Five in 1966.

This version titled "Un Poco de Animo" was only available on the limited edition CD single released in 1998.


  1. Is there a link to this music, or are you just telling us that you have it and we don't?? There's some great music mentioned on the site, but I can't find any links at all - call me stupid but clues may be necessary...

  2. I'm not much into giving away free music, although I do post MP3s from time to time aswell as my podcast.

    My blog is mostly about information and pictures (refer to Renaissance Fair blog description at top of page)

    Great music is out there and the fun part is buying and discovering it.


  3. still you can buy this cd single at munster records site, I did it yesterday!!!

    great blog

    todavia podeis comprar este single en la web de munster, yo lo hice ayer y estoy deseando recibirlo
    saludos desde espaƱa

  4. Thanks Angeloso for your feedback. the Chariot album is indeed recommended.


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