19. THE BERRY PICKERS - 'Watcha Tryin' To Do' / 'All Aboard' / 'Wee Wee Hours' (Dionysus ID 074506) 1987

According to Timothy Gassen's recommended reference book titled 'The Knights Of Fuzz', The Berry Pickers were from Hollywood in California. They obviously named their band after their hero Chuck Berry. Two of the songs on this record are Berry covers. Both are solid efforts but the authentic R'n'B of 'All Aboard' is a particular success.

'Watcha Tryin' To Do' is an orginal composition written by guitarist Jack Lopez. It's a lo-fi R&B take of Jagger's Stones, circa 1964 but without their budget or the studio muscle Decca could provide. The song still works.

There are two things I dig about The Berry Pickers. The most important being that they did their own thing when most of the 'underground' scene were going 'garage' or 'psych'....they chose to represent the Blues and pulled it off for such a young band.
And secondly they made the cool decision to record in glorious mono.

Dan Herrera (drums)
John Vetter (bass)
Jack Lopez (guitar)
Jeff Alexander (vocals/harmonica)

Tracks recorded November 25th, 1986 but released in '87.