37. THE VELVET CRUSH - 'Gentle Breeze' / 'Party Line' (demo) / 'On My Side' (Bobsled 15) 2000

Under-rated band The Velvet Crush released this three song CD single on Bobsled Records. 'Gentle Breeze' is taken from their album 'Free Expression' but the other two tracks are only available here. Pleasingly all cuts are in MONO. Seems strange that a modern band would do such a thing.

The music is mellow country rock with a definate late 60s Byrds feel, their earlier work is much more indie rock with jangle. By the time of this release The Velvet Crush were down to a duo of Paul Chastain and Ric Menck. Production duties were by Matthew Sweet......DIG IT!!!!


  1. are you sure the version of Gentle Breeze is the same as on the LP "free expression"?

    I have an early version wich was released on a Creation EP in the early 90s (Post-Greatness EP)

    and in my records the two versions (2000 7 inches and 1992 12 inches) are similar, with a less cleaner sound than the free expression lp version


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