31. THE TRYFLES - '(Had Enough Of) Your Lies' / 'When I See That Guy' (Midnight Records MID-4513) 1985

One of my favourite bands of the 80s were the awesome Headless Horsemen led by bassist/singer/songwriter Peter Stuart. Well, that talented musician's earlier band had been the rather crude and primitive sounding Tryfles from New York.

I'm saying crude because I don't think the mediocre production helped much. If you dig crude and primitive The Tryfles are for you.

The tunes on both sides are rips of 60s garage bands. 'When I See That Guy' pinches The 13th Floor Elevators most famous opening riff....

THE TRYFLES - (Had Enough Of) Your Lies


  1. a few years ago in california a mate i met at a gig lent me a hometape to counteract the drudgery of the radio in my hire car, all garage/soul/r'n'r; the info was pretty suspect but a track was marked down as your lies by the byrds. never seen it mentioned anywhere, great garagey organ driven tune. could this be any relation? do you know it?
    cheers, Matt
    ps i kept the tape but its bust now doh!

  2. The Byrds never recorded a song called 'Your Lies' so maybe it is The Tryfles.
    If I remember I'll upload an MP3 so keep checking back.

  3. that'll be boss; really is good to see you back writing again. i had a mini library of blogs i'd read daily then spend ages downloading the stuff they posted; i now think they're a banal waste of time with no depth or quality to their ramblings, so the coupla weeks you were 'off air' were dead boring dude. a warm welcome back

  4. Thanks for the compliment. Here's the MP3 upload as promised. The band had the forsight to record in mono aswell!

  5. not bad, see wot u mean bout the production quality tho chap. but it's not the song i'm trying to place. if i remember i'll upload the poor quality copy that isn't the byrds and email it ya, see if it shakes your tambourine. thanks for this anyway, much appreciated.

  6. Your Lies was written by Shane Faubert, if I remember correctly. I'm not sure if he released it with his own band the Cheepskates... also a band I cherish... but there are Shane Faubert demos floating around on the internet and I believe his version of Your Lies is present and correct there.


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