27. LOS NEGATIVOS - 'Pasando El Tiempo' / 'No Soy Yo La (Psicoastenia)' (Victoria VIC-303) 1986

I'm staying in Spain for a few more 45s by a band from Barcelona called Los Negativos. They were a big hit in Spain but nowhere else and are largely unknown and their first couple of garage pop singles are now sought after and hard to find.

'Pasando El Tiempo' is a commercial pop song with jangle, it's pleasant enough but the flip 'No Soy Yo La (Psicoastenia)' is a brooding garage pop side with immediate appeal.
It's gotta be said that they had a pretty good 60s psych image as well.


  1. their first lp was reedited by a spannish label (mushroom pillow) in 2005 ;)


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