26. LOS NEGATIVOS - 'Moscas Y Aranas' / Un Dia Especial' (Victoria VIC-301) 1986

Brilliant cover to compliment an outstanding 45. This band were the business all right. They had obvious 60s influences but added a mix of their own and sound very similar to my all time favourites from Australia The Stems.

'Moscas Y Aranas' powers along at a high tempo with piping organ, loud bass and cool guitars slashing all over the place. The flip 'Un Dia Especial' is more of a guitar psych trip with a 'modern' production sound. If I was to compare it I'd have to line it up alongside those cool early Rain Parade records.

This 45 will be a hard one to locate but fortunately both songs were taken from their album 'Piknic Caleidoscopico'...Unfortunately, when this does come up for sale you'll have to fork out about $100.... I'm sure I read a couple of years ago that a Negativos collection on CD was in the works?


  1. In fact, Mushroom Pillow republished "Piknik" in CD three years ago. The reissue came with a lot of extras (new mastering, demos, videoclips & a terrific booklet in spanish) and worths every cent it cost.
    I think it's difficult that the other band's discs will be reissued but, who knows?
    Wonderful blog yours.


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