The LIME - Love A Go-Go

The LIME - 'Love A Go-Go' / 'Soul Kitchen' (Westwood 12367) 1967

The Lime were a group of teens (three of them brothers) from Akron, Ohio. Their youth did not stop their ability because 'Love A Go-Go' is a very professional sounding swingin' pop song with a slight soul influence. Very classy musicianship throughout with an insanely commercial hook.
'Love A Go-Go' was picked up by Chess Records for national release and they added a different B-Side in 'Hey Girl'.

The flip on the Westwood release is a cover of The Doors classic 'Soul Kitchen'. It's no where near as good as the original but it's still a competent effort none the less. They even get to sing 'Getting Stoned' after altering a few of the lyrics in the song.


  1. where's the music?

  2. The music is here:

    Together with an explanation for the "slight soul influence".


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