Randy Haspel and Bob Simon from Randy and the Radiants. Check out my review of their first 45 'Peek-a-Boo' / 'Mountain's High' in the March 2007 archives. This picture is taken from this month's Record Collector. Look out for a CD retrospective of the band with many unreleased cuts coming soon.


  1. Thank you for your notice. The new CD "Randy & the Radiants: the Sun Recordings," is due for release the first week of December, and I think it sounds pretty good for a bunch of Memphis teens whose band was forever changed by Beatlemania. I hope it's enjoyable for everyone.
    Randy Haspel
    Memphis, Tennessee

  2. Thanks Randy for leaving a message. I'm really looking forward to hearing more songs by Randy and the Radiants. Both 45s on Sun that I have are awesome.

    I reckon you guys sounded like you were more influenced by The Kinks than The Beatles....

  3. I just won My Way Of Thinking on ebay at a great price, happy days. Not heard the other 45, will search it out if it's anywhere as near as good as this one.
    Matt, worksop


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