What's on the Turntable?

Apart from the 45s that have been reviewed this month the following records have also had heavy turntable play recently.

The Will-O-Bees - If You're Ready / Shades Of Grey (Date 2-1543)
The Torquays - Harmonica Man / Our Teenage Love (Original Sound OS-66)
The Petrified Forrest - So Mystifying / She's The Only Thing That's Kept Me Going (Fontana F-1596)
The Models - Bend Me Shape Me / In A World Of Pretty Faces (MGM K13775)
Steve Wright - What's Tomorrow Gonna Be / Back To The City (Thunderball 45-136)
The M.H. Royals - Now She's Crying / Old Town (ABC 10957)
The Tormentors - Black Coffee / Hey, Hey, Little Girl (Royal Records R-002-3)
The Bubble Puppy - Hot Smoke And Sasafrass / Lonely (International artists IA-128)
The Carnival - Four Seasons / Out Of My life (Columbia C4-2789)
Forum Quorum - Your Turn To Cry / No More Tears (Decca 32340)
Greek Fountains - I'm A Boy / She Does It (Pacemaker Records PM-250)
Distant Cousins - Let It Ring / To Have And To Hold (Dynovox 203)
Weathervane - 4-4, 5-4 (Plamie Records P-1026)
The Tow Away Zone - Searchin' / Shabd (Epic 5-10369)