RANDY and the RADIANTS - Peek-A-Boo

 RANDY and the RADIANTS - Peek-A-Boo / Mountain's High (Sun 395) 1965

Most garage freaks know the killer track 'My Way Of Thinking' from this Memphis band that was released on Sun 398. It's been comped a few times, firstly on Boulders Volume 9 and then the 2CD set Ya Gotta Have Moxie Volume 2.
However, the first 45 by Randy and the Radiants is a little known gem. 'Mountain's High' written by Dick St John is a primitive beat style number reminiscent of the early Kinks.
'Peek-A-Boo' written by Bob Simon is my favourite cut out of the two tracks on offer. It moves along nicely and would have so much better with a devastating guitar break.
My advice would be to buy this record if you see it for sale, you won't be disappointed.