DANNY WARNER - "Go 'Way Little Girl" / "Bright Colors" (Smash S-2110) September 1967

I've drawn a complete blank here. Who was Danny Warner? What I do know is that he released two previous 45s on Reprise during 1966 aided and produced by Lee Hazelwood. Those songs are in the soul or crooner style and not 'flower bomb song' worthy.

His first single for Smash Records and presumably his last was "Go 'Way Little Girl" a fuzztoned groovin' version of the Janis Ian classic, also recorded in England by mod psych group The Shame. Check out my earlier posting for their classy take.

The flip "Bright Colors" is bouncy pop, tinged with some psych moves and a big helping of brass to 'colour' the song.

"(You Got) The Power Of Love" / "Love Is You" (Reprise 0459) 04/66
"It Hurts" / "Not The Lovin' Kind" (Reprise 0505) 08/66
"Go 'Way Little Girl" / "Bright Colors" (Smash S-2110) 09/67