THE EIGHTH DAY - 'Building With A Steeple'/'Glory' (Kapp K-916) May 1968

The Eighth Day hailed from Ohio (originally called The Sons Of Liberty) and after signing with Kapp Records starting recording songs that would make up their one and only album. I've not heard the latter but I'm led to believe that there are a couple of stand out cuts amongst a great deal of light pop filler.

I've already covered the original version of 'Building With A Steeple' by The Village East that was released in July 1967. Almost a year later in mid 1968, a version by The Eighth Day was unleashed to the public that went to no-wheres-ville.

Perhaps the times had moved on from the Mamas and the Papas influenced sunshine pop and this kind of sound was no longer in vogue. Whatever the reason, 'Building With A Steeple' most definately captured the hippie sound for me with it's glorious male/female vox, acoustic guitars, clavas, bah bah bah harmonies and lyrics about meditation.

"There's a place where I can go when I'm feeling very low.
When my mind is all hung up with worldly cares
I go there."

Both sides of this disc were produced by the same team that worked with The Village East with Ronnie Dante and Gene Allen taking care of the controls. Arrangement by Artie Butler. Truth be told both versions sound almost identical....

Here's a link to some information about The Eighth Day from leader Frank Defede. 

sleeve of album taken from an Ebay auction


  1. Colin best version of this song!The album is good too!

  2. I am originally from Follansbee, WV and also played in many bands in the Upper Ohio Valley until I moved to North Carolina 30 years ago. I remember the Sons of Liberty and The Eighth Day very well and am glad that neither group has been forgotten. Soon as I heard "Mess Around" by the Opus IV (drummer Bill Gunion was the first person I ever met who had "outrageously" long hair and actually made a record), and I remember "Love Babe" on Gateway getting a lot of airplay in the area. Of course I thought it was going to be a super-duper smash....but it was on Gateway for goshhakes.

    I own all recordings by the Opus IV (but not the Epiks...don't know if they ever made one), the Sons Of Liberty, and The Eighth Day (singles AND the album).

    I ultimately played saxophone in a disco band called Whyte Lyte Rhythm Band for a couple of years, chasing Wild Cherry's tail on the 2000 Club circuit...usually them on Fridays or Saturdays and us on Thursdays or Fridays). I also ended up being primarily a bass player and have played in a LOT of country, blues, bluegrass, etc. bands.

    Thanks for the memories!


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