THE POETS - 'Now We're Thru'/'There Are Some' (Decca F.11995) October 1964

Glasgow beat group The Poets are now widely known among 60s beat fans but at the time they were largely ignored then forgotten. That was until they were re-discovered in the mid 80s on those super cool Bam Caruso Rubble compilations.

'Now We're Thru' was released the month I was born. I was just too young to put on a pair of Cuban heels and hot foot it down to my local Woolworths Store to buy the 45. Fortunately, my lack of purchase power did not matter as the record scrambled into the lower 30s on the Pop Chart and can be considered a minor hit.

The song is a moody and dense mix of sound, with layers of 12 string guitar. The echoey production by Andrew Loog Oldham adds to the songs ethereal sonics.

US release on Dynovox


  1. love the Poets great band! good post

  2. Scottish beat right ? ? ? loved in England and Uk, course, I can imagine...

  3. Those that haven't seen it yet, you might want to check the tube...
    for their appearance on Shindig doing this song.
    There is also some colour footage filmed by a fan from a gig in Scotland...
    also a cool acetate "Try me again"


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