KATFISH - 'Dear Prudence'/'Street Walkin' (Big Tree Records BTS-16045) 1975

Sometimes the 70s threw up some strange curios, records that belonged in another time. Take this 45 from Katfish who were believed to be from Lewiston, Maine. They probably went into the studio to record gig favourite 'Dear Prudence' but it came out at the other end sounding like a record from late 1969 thanks in every way to producer Bob Herne's psychedelic studio tricks. He served his time well in the late 60s producing for The Flat Earth Society and Lazy Smoke.

"Dear Prudence won't you come out to play,
Dear Prudence greet the brand new day"

There's a picture cover of this release and it shows a four piece group in daft '70s clobber so it doesn't look like Katfish were on some kind of '60s revival trip. The flip 'Street Walkin' is a typical '70s rocker and probably a good indication of what they sounded like most of the time.


  1. We saw Katfish in the early 70's be fore they opened for arosmith in Lewiston and they were a great band to bad for bad management I miss going to the bars and clubs to hear them play Best wishes boys. spear.mike@ymail.com

  2. Yes, we were from Lewiston Maine. We recorded these tunes at EAB Studios, and Bobby Hearne engineered and produced us. The owner of EAB, Ed Boucher loved the Beatles and encouraged us to record this, and at his expense, we did. Being the confident, cocky 19 year olds we were, we thought an uptempo cover of this great Beatle tune would be kool. It caught the ear of the president of BIg Tree Records and they released it nation wide the summer of 1975, it got as high as 63 on the Billboard Hot 100, if memory serves, and stayed on the charts for 8 weeks. It got us the opportunity to open for the likes of, Marshall Tucker, Charlie Daniels, Brownsville Station to name a few. We had a heady, glorious short lived run, but what a blast! Not too shabby for 4 nobodys from a a little mill town in Maine. We all still perform and record to this day in our various own musical projects and are all still friends. Katfish was: Nick Knowlton, vocals, Jeff Wright, guitar, Maurice McKenna, bass, vocals and me, John G. Hart, drums
    Rock on!

    1. Hello John: I really loved that song when I was a kid, I was 13 when it was out. I remember the store and the other 45 I got with dear prudence - it was ABBA - S.O.S. Played the shit out of both 45s - A-side and B-side of both. I just played "Dear Prudence" and I wondered "Did they have a follow-up single? - Did a search on "google" and found this article. So, Did you guys have any other records? Maybe a local single? I would like to hear it. Tried searching on E-bay and I found a local pressing of "Dear Prudence" on Gonad, with picture sleeve - bought it! There were a couple of Big tree pressings but no other single. Just wanted you to know I still love that version of the song. As far as I am concerned it is the best version. Good Job!!

      Ed S

  3. Thanks for getting in touch John and filling me in on more details. Like I said in my review 'Dear Prudence' is an excelent cover version..

    It may have even been a hit in Britain if it had got a release over here.

  4. Where are they now? Still in Lewiston,Maine?

  5. Nick knowliton the singer/vocals still preforms for fusions at the Ramada inn in Lewiston he has his own business the music connection sings for weddings and events he's still a awesome singer


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