THE EIGHTH DAY - 'Glory'/'Building With A Steeple' (Kapp K-916) 1968

The story of The Eighth Day mirrors so many other 60s groups, especially from America where the lure of suitcases full of $$ and fast cars made many a young buck sign on the dotted line.
They started life as The Sons Of Liberty, a promising 5 piece folk rock group from Cadiz, Ohio. They were talent spotted by some fat cat from the music business in New York and tempted to perform an audition. They passed, signed with Kapp Records who promptly changed their name to The Eighth Day then added two female backing singers.

The label wanted a group of their own who sounded like The Mamas & The Papas and the young teens from Ohio accepted their fate. They started recording some songs but became disillusioned with the scene when no records were released and they were not making any money.

Within months most of the group had left New York and returned back home reverting back to their old name The Sons Of Liberty.

45s and an album were eventually released by Kapp with many of the recordings finished by studio musicians and some new songs were recorded written and sung by Ron Dante who is best known for being the singer on all of those records by cartoon group The Archies.

'Building With A Steeple' is a memorable sunshine pop tune which was lost on the flip. It was recorded and performed by the original line-up of Eighth Day before the majority went back home.

For a more detailed story go here

THE EIGHTH DAY - Building With A Steeple


  1. I have loved this track sice fonding it on a "Fading Yellow" comp. Many thanks Colin for the info.

  2. Several of the band members were students at West Liberty(WV) State College at the time.


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