NICK DRAKE - Day Is Done

NICK DRAKE - Day Is Done (Island Records) Sept 1969

I discovered Nick Drake's music 18 years ago after reading an article about him in Record Collector Issue 150.

He never released any singles but was fortunate to be contracted to Island Records and released three albums all of which got no publicity, little airplay and sold badly.
This situation was not helped with the fact that he refused to perform live after some unhappy appearances at a few folk club gigs or engage with anyone. His depression turned him into a virtual recluse.

Sadly Nick Drake committed suicide in 1974, overdosing on his prescribed drugs for his deep depression.

'Day Is Done' is my all time favourite Nick Drake song and has been since I heard the 1969 album 'Five Leaves Left' back in the early 90s.

It's such a devastating piece of music dripping with melancholy and so well crafted with his completely unique finger picking acoustic guitar style making this one of the most exquisite folk songs I've ever heard.....

When the bird has flown
Got no-one to call your own
Got no place to call your home
When the bird has flown.

NICK DRAKE - Day Is Done


  1. Nick Drake did not commit suicide. There is no evidence to suggest anything other than the coroner's decision of accidental death. It may make the story and the legend more easy to enlarge but the music certainly should be enough to do that.No one close to Nick, personally or professionally consider suicide to have been an option that Nick would have chosen.
    I would appreciate you changing your text to reflect reality. But, otherwise... I love your site and I thank you.


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