TREV GORDON - Floating

TREV GORDON - 'Floating'/'Everyone Knows' (Mod M-1006) Dec 1966

Here's a curious piece of ephemera that is a bit of a mystery. Trev Gordon released two singles on Pye Records in England during the mid 60s. 'Floating' was the second, put out for consumption in September 1966. I don't think it got past the demo stage though, probably just shipped out to local radio stations.

'Floating' was comped on my series of Gear! comps and you'll find it on Volume 3. The flip 'Everyone Knows' appeared in the late 90s on Ripples Volume 2. I've read their liners and no information was known about Trev Gordon.

This two sided oddity was released in the USA on Mod Records during December 1966 and even got a spotlight pick in Billboard. I'm sure it's the same Mod label that released 'I'm Gonna Change The World' by Commons Ltd (Mod M-1005)

To add to the mystery a recording artist and Bee Gees associate called Trevor Gordon was in the line up of UK group The Marbles, then in 1970 released a solo LP called 'Alphabet'. I'm sure this is not the same person though because this particular Trevor Gordon (according to the book 'The Bee Gees - Tales Of The Brothers Gibb written by Hector Cook) only arrived in England from Australia in late '67 to team up with his cousin Graham Bonnet to form The Marbles. The two PYE 45s had been and gone a good year earlier.

A reader has informed me that both Trev Gordon 45s were released in Australia on Astor Records. And after a little bit of research:

'Love Comes And Goes'/'You're An E Type' (Astor AP-1243) 1966
'Floating'/'Everyone Knows' (Astor AP-1298) 1966

TREV GORDON - Floating


  1. Interesting that this 45 also had a US release. I had this up on PFF and like you say it's a confusion story.

    I was contacted by somebody who knew Trev at the time and told me it IS the same Trevor Gordon of Marbles fame! By all accounts he's still alive and well and living in London.

    The 45 also came out in Australia on Astor (Astor released many Pye 45s).

  2. All what is written on this page is the same Trevor Gordon. I interviewed Trevor in 1991. He did come over to join his cousin Graham Bonnet in The Graham Bonnet Set in 1967, which eventually became The Marbles. But in 1966, Trevor came back to England for a while, but then went back to Australia.

  3. OK, Thanks Steve for your information.


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