A ROUND UP OF 2009 - LPs

I didn't realise that I'd bought as many vinyl LPs in 2009 as I did. Most of them were re-issues, especially releases on Sundazed Records. Those folks at Sundazed just get better and better. I picked up several 80s garage comps that I missed out on at the time and also some originals. The mono mix of Zodiac 'Cosmic Sounds' on Elektra was a good find, Bobby Comstock 'Out Of Sight' LP mono mix on Ascot and the stereo mix of Freak Scene 'Psychedelic Soul' on Columbia were a classy addition to my collection.

My favourite four LPs this year are pictured:

BRUM BEAT - A rare original compilation of Birmingham beat groups released on Dial Records way back in 1964. It appears that The Shadows and The Ventures meant more to Brummie kids than The Beatles. £30
THE REMAINS - 1st Album in mono plus all mono 45s and an unreleased song called 'Morning' recorded in May 1966. Sundazed out did themselves with this gem. £34
- 'Illesek Es Profonok' Hungarian psych pop...charming £20
THE WIG - 'The Jade Room' a way cool collection of Wig material released by Texas Archive Recordings label back in 1983....a very hard album to find these days at a reasonable cost. £20


  1. Hey, some great records. I've had a copy of the Brum Beat LP for years minus a sleeve, so it's nice to finally see what it looked like!


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