05. THE BARRACUDAS - 'I Want My Woody Back'/'Subway Surfin' (Cell-Out 1) 1979

Surf punk heroes of mine The Barracudas, recorded and mixed this two sider in one day during mid June 1979 at Freerange Studios. It was their first ever visit to a professional studio.

According to the liners of CD 'Through The Mysts Of Time: Barracudas Rarities 1978-81', lead guitarist and songwriter of both songs on this 45 Robin Wills, claimed he was just making things up and perhaps got the concept of a Woody and a G.T.O. a little confused.

'Subway Surfin' is a mix of punk rock and Jan & Dean with throw away lyrics.

Their surfin' period was all too brief and after the small hit 'Summer Fun' The Barracudas developed a Byrdsian folk rock jangle sound which I'm sure you're all aware of anyway.

"London is a lonely town when you're the only surfer boys around"

Robin Wills: "I am wearing the leather jacket that Steve Jones nicked, passed onto Sid who then sold it to me for £25, before it got nicked backstage at a gig in Huddersfield a few weeks later..."


  1. What do you prefer, these guys or the Fugitives ? ? ?


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