50. PLASTICLAND - 'Color Appreciation' / 'Mushroom Hill' (Scadillac Records SC-1002) April 1982

This psychedelic band from Milwaukee were one of the few bands from the 80s to go with the English psych sound from '67 and I'm talking about the Carnaby Street flipped out and new progressive style of music by The Pretty Things, Tomorrow and Pink Floyd.
Plasticland brought those coloured sights and sounds back in '82

This 45 came out on their own label Scadillac Records, I'm not sure how many were pressed but it can't have been that many. This was Plasticland's third release.

line-up on this disc:

Glenn Rehse (vocals)
John Frankovic (bass)
Bob DuBlon (drums)
Brian Ritchie (guitar)

It was to become a short lived line-up as Brian Ritchie left in late 1982 to form The Violent Femmes.