SMART AND COLE INC - 'Nature Boy' / 'Ashes Ashes' (All Fall Down) (In Arts Records IA 109) 1967

So who were Smart And Cole Inc? Were they a group or a duo with the surnames of Smart and Cole? I don't know, they're a mystery to me but if any readers out there know the details be sure to leave a message.

This 45 was probably released some time in 1967 on the Hollywood label In Arts Records, they also released the rather great single by ESB (who previously recorded under the strangely named W.C. Fields Memorial Electric String Band)

'Nature Boy' is a cover of a song written by Eden Abba. He was also known as George Aberle and played bass for a band from England called Accolade. The latter also recorded 'Nature Boy'.
The version by Smart And Cole Inc is a well produced pop song reminicent of The Association.

The flip 'Ashes Ashes' (All Fall Down) is another cool pop song and slightly psychedelic. It was written by songwriting team Tucker-Mantz. They of course provided memorable material for The Electric Prunes (I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night), The Knickerbockers (The Coming Generation), The Brogues (I Ain't No Miracle Worker) and The American Breed (Green Light).