PRESTON - This World Is Closing In On Me

PRESTON - 'This World Is Closing In On Me' / 'Water Falls' (Sound Patterns 110) 1966

Incredible two sides of demented psychedelia from Preston Carnes possibly backed by Lenny and the Thundertones. The latter had several classy Ventures styled raunch/surf instrumentals in the very early pre Beatles era. Indeed Lenny Drake from the band wrote 'This World Is Closing In On Me'.

The Sound Patterns version of 'This World Is Closing In On Me' is the more punkadelic fuzz take. Sounds like a Sean Bonniwell sound carnival. The song was re-recorded for a further release on United Artists under the name Chris Carpenter but most of the thrilling fuzztone was gone?

The flip 'Water Falls' is a wacked out acid trip with rattlesnake tambourine, water effects, echoey vocals and other strange noises. Seems that Preston got his fair share of LSD-25 at this session.

I'd like to get the full story of this psych masterpiece one day.

Label scan of the Chris Carpenter release on United Artists from Jim Wynand.

information from Lenny Drake:
Hi, I am Lenny Drake of Lenny and the Thundertones, Bill Carnes sang the song, middle name is PRESTON. The string section of 4 from The Det. Symphony played my arrangement. Danny Dallas had the strings play it again in 3 different octives made it sound like a Symphony. DANNY DALLAS Recording Engineer was a Genius! There were No Drugs or Pot on the session. Sidra Records remixed the 8 track tape change the Artist name to Chris Carpenter and sold it to UA .


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