The HERD - From The Underworld

This picture of The Herd was on the cover page of English weekly 'Disc and Music Echo.' This copy dates from October 28, 1967.

The 'write up' states that The Herd, whose 'From The Underworld' went up to 7 this week, start a concert tour on Saturday with The Who, The Tremeloes and Traffic. Pictured here from the left: Gary Taylor, Andy Brown, Andrew Steele and (centre) Peter Frampton.

Organist Andy Brown said 'I can't tell you the actual numbers we'll be playing but we are definately going for audience participation which we consider is very important. We want to give the audiences their money's worth which we don't think they've been getting of late - and on tour we think it's essential to be visually entertaining as well as musically and vocally entertaining.
We've been working on a devasting 20 minute stage act we hope will show off just about everything we can do.'